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Tired of trying to rev up your lawn care equipment or off-road vehicles to no avail? When your engine starts sputtering or rattling, bring your machinery to Tony Graham's Auto & Powersports in Lake City, PA. Explain the problem to us and depend on our mechanics to complete your small engine repair efficiently.

Whether you need ATV or lawn mower engine repair services, call 814-402-1063 ASAP to schedule an appointment at our shop.

Check out our small engine and lawn mower repair services

Check out our small engine and lawn mower repair services

You expect your small equipment to rev up as soon as you turn the key or pull the recoil start. When it doesn't fire up immediately or run efficiently, it's easy to get frustrated.

Are you dealing with:

  • A dirt bike that's vibrating too much?
  • An ATV that's consuming more gas than usual?
  • A lawn mower that won't start?

We'll solve these problems by completing your dirt bike, ATV and lawn mower engine repairs.

Don't let small engine problems stress you out - stop by our shop in Lake City, PA today to receive dependable small engine repair services.